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6 WILD animals you will find around Perth in one day

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If you want to see animals in their natural habitat, Western Australia will not disappoint. Galahs, quokkas, tortoises, different species of reptiles, are just examples of wildlife you can find in the Perth surrounds. Surely enough I have seen many wild animals on this trip. Six of them in only one day! This is the list of the 6 different types of animals I have seen in one day around Shoalwater area, Western Australia.

1. Dolphins

Last time I came to WA I had the great pleasure of watching 35 to 40 whales (Humpback and Southern Right) having a party in the ocean in front of me when I was randomly walking around the Blow Holes of Albany.  It was such an unreal unexpected experience.  Those huge whales were breaching and splashing water everywhere in such a way that I am pretty sure they were pretending to be dolphins.

You don’t see whales jumping around that much every day.

This time it was the dolphins that prepared an expected show for me. It was not part of the plan but our ferry ride to Penguin Island was surprised by 2 female dolphins with their babies. They were so closed that it felt almost like I could touch them.

Although it was very cool to see dolphins, I have to point it out that they were much better behaved than the whales from Albany. Maybe there is a personality issue happening in WA’s ocean.

Dolphin in Penguin Island
The unexpected visit of dolphins on my way to Penguin Island – WA
Female dolphin with its baby - Shoalwater Bay
Female dolphin with its baby – Shoalwater Bay

2. Penguins

Ok, I was in Penguin Island so you would expect me to see penguins around. But, it doesn’t change the fact that it was almost 40C in Perth so, seeing penguins “sunbathing” with me at the beach, was pretty amazing. The Australian penguins are the smallest in the world and they are malting this time of the year, which makes them seriously cute.

3 penguins malting at the beach
3 penguins malting at the beach
Penguin feeding in Penguin Island - WA
A penguin that just finished the malting process in Penguin Island. Beautiful and shinny feathers.



3. Australian Marine Seals

You cannot stop in Seal Island but you can get very close to it with the ferry. The seals here are much smaller than the elephant seals I saw during my road trip in the USA last year (check the video on my Facebook page).  According to our ferry driver, the most successful seals are the biggest and fattest so, if in our eyes they were all sleeping and relaxing at the beach, in seals’ perspective they were actually working out.

Australian Marine Seals
Australian Marine Seals working out.


4. Pelicans

There a 500+ community of Pelicans living in the area. Seeing hundreds of them together is just unreal.


 5. Sea Birds

There are 50 different types of birds around Shoalwater area so, to be honest, all I could recognize was the pelicans – and it was only because it is very difficult to miss out on such a large community. Although I don’t know what those birds were, they definitely helped to make the scenario even more beautiful. 

Birds in Penguin Island
Birds in Penguin Island
The birds in Penguin Island are not afraid of people.
The birds in Penguin Island are not afraid of people.





6. King Skink

It was a bit scared for me but a huge sensation for the kids.

King Skink in Penguin Island
King Skink in Penguin Island